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At NorthWoods Church, we recognize that the most important influence on the spiritual lives of our kids is their families. So we’ve created a series of quick and easy family devotionals – entitled “Faith Talks” – to help families engage in regular, Christ-centered conversations. Our goal is for your entire family to spend 10-15 minutes per week having Gospel-filled conversations around the dinner table. The pattern for each of these “Faith Talks” contains four simple components:

  1. Read It: Read the passage out loud together.
  2. Talk About It: Discuss a few questions that will help you start thinking about the passage.
  3. Explain It: Take a few moments to talk about the meaning of the passage.
  4. Live It Out: Discuss what your entire family is going to do in response to the passage.

And that’s it. Simple.

For families with smaller children, we’re got an “Optional & Easy Opening Activity” that you can do in conjunction with every devotion. For families with older children, we’ve also got some “Bonus Questions” if you want to extend the discussion and get more in depth with the passage.

See belowfor an example of “Faith Talks” below. To receive the 1st three months of “Faith Talks,” contact our Associate Pastor of Family Ministry, Matt Higgins, at or (812) 402-4954.

Worship Service Time Change

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, our Sunday morning worship services starting 5/10/20 will be at 9:15AM and 10:45AM instead of the times currently listed on the website. In addition, there will be no family ministry activities.