Do you want to know more about NorthWoods?  Whether you’re exploring joining the church, or are just looking for your next step to get more plugged in, our NorthWoods Class is the place for you!

During this special class, you’ll learn about NorthWoods’ history, our beliefs, and discover more ways that you can be a part of NorthWoods like joining a Connect Group and volunteering.  The NorthWoods Class is also a great opportunity to meet the church staff, get connected with a few others, and take your next step to get involved.

How to Join the Church

At the conclusion of the NorthWoods Class, those who are interested will have the opportunity to request to become a member of the NorthWoods Church family.  There are five simple requirements to become a member at NorthWoods:

  1. Trust Christ By Faith for Salvation.  Joining the church begins with having a relationship with Jesus Christ.
  2. Attend a NorthWoods Class.  These classes are offered every other month, typically after the 10:45 service.  There is a free lunch, you’ll hear from our Senior Pastor the important things to know about the church, and at the end, you’ll be given paperwork to request to be a member.
  3. Share Your Testimony.  At the end of a NorthWoods Class, or anytime afterward, we would like for you to share (very briefly) the story of how you have come to trust Christ as your Savior with one of our pastors.  No need to overcomplicate this.  We just would like to be certain that you have trusted Jesus as your Savior.
  4. Turn in the Membership Application.  This is a two-page set of questions that help us know a bit more about you.
  5. Turn in the Membership Agreement.  Because members have permission to use our facilities, we want to make sure that they are used according to our biblical values.  This spells out our key beliefs and encourages members to live according to them.

To find out when the next NorthWoods Class will be, you can always check the church bulletin.  Classes are offered every other month and will be mentioned in church announcements.  Feel free to sign up on the Connect Card for the next class and let us know if you will need childcare.