Ordinary women pursuing an extraordinary God.

At NorthWoods, it’s our desire for believing, ordinary women to pursue an extraordinary God. Through their pursuit of God, it is our hope women grow more and more in love with Jesus, so they share the gospel with those around them—to make disciples.

How Do I Get Involved?


Ladies at NorthWoods have multiple opportunities to grow their relationship with Christ whether that be through one-on-one discipleship or connecting with a Connect Group of women. Each year, we have have opportunities for women to grow personally, but also relationally through things like IF:Gathering or even women’s retreats.


Relationships matter as we pursue Christ because we are meant for community. Relationships form not only through discipleship or Connect Groups, but it can also happen by connecting at our monthly Women’s Events. Our monthly events range from paint nights, meal together, to serving together.


Our church has a heart for missions and so do our women. Being missional minded is not just for mission trips, but it’s in every day living. It’s looking for ways to serve those around you, praying for an opportunity to share the Gospel. It’s our desire to serve not just the women in the church, but also our community. The ladies in our church serve in various places around the community—Dream Center, the Prison Ministry, State Hospital, or volunteering with schools in the area.

To keep up to date on all our upcoming Women’s Ministry Events, check out the EVENTS tab to sign up or register!

Why pursue God?

BIBLICAL INTEGRITY: For women at NorthWoods, everything we do begins with understanding the Bible’s message is about an extraordinary God drawing back ordinary people to Himself.

SPIRITUAL GROWTH: Our pursuit of God is not about perfection, it’s about progress. As believers, we desire to become more like Jesus by pressing into God’s Word and by hearing the wisdom and teaching of others.

AUTHENTIC COMMUNITY: We believe we aren’t meant to pursue God alone, so it’s important to be with other women who are striving to pursue God with their whole heart. As women walk through life together—the good, the bad, the celebration, or the suffering—we want to be an encouragement, have fun, and work to be known and to know others.

PURPOSEFUL SERVICE: We serve others not because it’s moral, but because it’s a way we can praise God. It’s out of the overflow of our love for Christ, that we serve others in every season or stage of life. It’s our desire that through serving, we gain opportunities to point others to pursue God.